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Activities of ORWA executive committee (2016-2018)

ORWA executive committee (2016-2018) had eventful years and provided regular platforms to Remians to greet and meet each other. Lets remomorize key activities. Thanks all for your participation and cooperation. Remian Forever.

Geplaatst door Old Remians Welfare Association – ORWA op Zaterdag 28 september 2019



About Our Association

Dhaka Residential Model College (Formerly known as Residential Model School) is one of the most prestigious educational institutes of Bangladesh. Established in 1960, Dhaka Residential Model College (DRMC) is highly appreciated for its continuous academic success and its extracurricular activities. With over 5000 students,1000 of which reside in its six dormitories (Houses) which makes DRMC the largest public and one of the largest residential schools of the country. The Government of Bangladesh recognized DRMC after its remarkable performance in the Higher Secondary Certificate examination 2008. On that note DRMC also has created its place on the merging stage of extracurricular activities by earning a lot of prizes as a symbol of appreciation e.g. awarded “Best College” in the largest debate contest in the country by the National Debate Federation of Bangladesh, winning championships on a regular basis on both cricket and football tournaments and so on.

“Remians” You ask any student who studied at least for a day or a month or his whole school/college life, he will tell you what this word means to them! Basically the word “Remian” refers to a person who is graduated from Dhaka Residential Model College. The term is regarded as a prestigious designation held by graduates of DRMC.

To make the bond more powerful which every remain shares, remians formed Old Remians Welfare Association (mostly known as ORWA) which got certification in 2001. ORWA also made his appearance in social welfare activities by organizing programs like “Blood Donation Act”, “Winter Clothing”, “Scholarship programs” for economically struggled students, “Relief Distribution Program” and so on. ORWA members also have played a significant role in the development of Bangladesh, contributing to society as political leaders, government officers, doctors, engineers, army officers, professors etc. ORWA members also plays a crucial role in the sector of business as well which directly leads to some of the business icons of Bangladesh are from DRMC. ORWA plays a vital role in breaking the bar between established graduates and fresh graduates and to make sure of that they organize programs like Reunion, Concerts and many other competitions as well.

ORWA is working as backbone for all the remains since its beginning and it hopes to uphold the pride of Dhaka Residential Model College to its peak.


20 Years long run, we are working for the welfare of students as well as for poor people. It was a little step, but it’s now a big non-profit welfare organization.

  • To keep up the tradition and dignity of DRMC
  • To promote the best interest of DRMC Formar Students & Current Students.
  • To promote the best interest of DRMC current Teachers & Formar Teachers.
  • To prepare and maintain a complete record of all members of ORWA.
  • To render all possible assistance to both current and old Remains in time of difficulty.
  • To organize and promote social welfare with literacy and cultural activities to the best of its ability.
  • To help old Remians in finding suitable careers as and when necessary.
  • To keep a close contact with the current and Formar students, teachers and staff of DRMC.
  • To acknowledge those Remians who are been recognized by the Country and internationally for their remarkable performance.
  • To work for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh: Emphasizing in betterment for the society and country

Our Priorities & Activities

Being an alumni centric welfare association our main goal is towards our Remian brothers, respected teachers, staffs and our beloved college.


Collage Welfare

This consists of any DRMC structural renovation program. And Teacher and staffs possible welfare.

Career Counseling

ORWA Organizes Career Counseling seminars or Job Fares from time to time to guide and help the newly graduated remians.

support & Donation

ORWA always try to support the remians, students, teachers and college staffs when they are in need of any medical, financial and emergency support at its capability.

Health Camp

ORWA organizes health camp events for the current, former students and teachers as well as college staffs.

Sports events

ORWA organizes Football, Cricket & Indoor Games events from time to time throughout the year.

Cultural Events

ORWA Organizes Family Day, Folk fest, Pohela Boishakh Celebration and national events, etc. throughout the year. 


Remians Reunion

Message From Our Leaders

Nasrul Hamid, President

Being able to lead a vibrant, enthusiastic and capable group of people is the dream of all leaders. As a President of ORWA (Old Remians Welfare Association), I have been able to live the dream. I am truly gratified and honoured to have the opportunity of leading such a wonderful team of my fellow Remian brothers. ORWA is a forum of Ex-Students of Dhaka Residential Model College, facilitating connectivity among the Remians, fostering social welfare and other activities.

I am along with my newly elected executive body members are looking forward to being a part of this amazing journey. We will try our level best to uphold its current position to its peak of success.

I wish all my Remian brothers a healthy and successful life.

Moshiur Rahman, General Secretary

Old Remians Welfare Association stands to be an association of an elite group of dedicated and talented members tirelessly working to establish a platform for making the bond strong among all the Remians and exercising their social responsibilities. To lead such a team is truly a blessing and I feel honoured for doing it.

Me, with my fellow executive members, promise to our Remians brothers that we would not keep any stone unturned to maintain the platform a divine place for kinship, knowledge, service to the society the way that we conceived at our glorious alma mater.

I wish all my Remian brothers longevity and prosperity.



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